Ikano bank

The bank was explained in 1988 to one of the family Kamprad belonging group and found a suitable business partner in the Swedish furniture supplier. What many do not know, is the fact that the family Kamprad also hears the worldwide known group of Ikea. The cooperation of the enterprise of Ikea and the group of Ikano is due on the one and same owner and serves, primarily, the reassurance of the business partners. With increasing experience and business segments the customer sphere grew. The Ikano bank offers meanwhile also in Germany his service. Ikano Group is the name under which the group offers his financial services. Beside real estate, administration of property, financial services, assurances as well as retail trade for corporate clients and private customers are the spheres of activity which are offered by Ikano. Depending on the countries services are offered, in addition, like construction financing, leasing or insert shops.
The Ikano bank is to be found in the countries Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. With all customers a lasting and long-term cooperation is aimed. The profile of the group lets arise more the feeling of a partnership and less a business cooperation. The head office of the bank is to be found in Luxembourg. A cooperation with German traders and partner banks already exists for some years. The interest to private customer has increased only now visibly. What clearly appears in the fact that the methods of payment were extended for private customers. Uncomplicated and understandably all services and processes are with the Ikano Group what makes easier a use in the everyday life. The interest is influenced like at any other bank also by the world economy. Nevertheless, comparisons with other banking corporations reveal fast that the Ikano Group offer to her customers high interest which makes a Geldanlegen or intertemporal “parking” attractive. The Swedish banking corporation has conquered with her combination of intelligibilit, customer fairness and good conditions visibly the market.


Bank of Scotland in Germany

The bank of Scotland is one of the oldest banking houses of Europe. The loan institute which has his seat in Scottish Edinburgh was founded already in 1695 and today belongs to the famous Lloyds Banking Group. In the course of her history it has always understood the bank of Scotland to connect tradition and progress to the use of her customers in optimum manner. Thus this bank was one of the forerunners Home-and Internetbankings. Besides, particularly a lot of value on the observance of the highest safety standards became and is laid.

To German consumers the bank of Scotland is known above all by her attractive offers in the area of fixed term deposits and time deposit. Regularly this Scottish bank with comparisons of different loan institutes reaches one of the front orders. The bank of Scotland offers a high payment of interest of festival inserts and time deposit inserts and renounces basically fees for the account processing. Differently than with other suppliers no least inserts are also necessary at this loan institute. The customers who win over friends or relatives as new customers to the bank of Scotland can be glad about monetary premiums. The bank of Scotland pursues no branches in Germany and is accessible to her customers therefore merely on Internet and phone. Who would like to open an account at the bank of Scotland, this must carry out in the way of the Postident procedure. Besides, the identity of the person who opens the fixed term deposits or day money account is ascertained with the help of her identity card in a personal visit in a postal branch. Then all transactions can be explained on the Internet comfortably from home.

Differently than all home loan institutes the bank of Scotland is not a member in the German insert protection fund. However, this does not mean that there would be no protection for the day and time deposit inserts of German savers: Their credit are protected by the British insert protection fund FSCS (Financial of service Compensation Scheme). This arises in the insolvency case for arrangements of private individuals up to a certain height to 100 percent.


The budgetary assurance

The protection of a budgetary assurance encloses in general objects, you are in own four walls. Coming it count under other piece of furniture, pictures, carpets, curtains, mirrors to it etc., for example, to a pipe burst or a fire in the kitchen, the assurance can be extremely helpful. The respective regulations of the insurers are to be followed, because an insurance cover can be more or less extensive. In some cases there are beside the real insurance cover, for example, also special provisions for securities, money, objects of value, electronic devices or things with collector and art value.

What is insured?

Within the scope of a budgetary assurance the household effects are protected against various risks. Many assurances cover damages which have originated from the following events:

- Storm (storm assurance): Rockfall, snowy pressure, hail, landslide etc.
- Fire (fire insurance): Fire, explosion, bolt of lightning, plane crash etc.
- Theft, burglary (theft insurance, burglary assurance)
- Broken glass (glass assurance)
- Tap water (tap water assurance): resigning tap water, break, frost

Which events are insured in detail, is to be taken from the insurance offer of the respective insurer. Some things are included from From the outset, others must be insured, in addition.

In most cases a private liability insurance is also included in a budgetary assurance. Depending on the insurance terms this protects against the compensation demands which an injured third person can make or against the refusal of unwarranted claims.

Who is insured?

The policy holder, the lifelong companion or husband as well as relatives and children are insured, provided that these live in the same household. Also the objects are insured by guests if the accomodation of the things does not occur against a remuneration.

a comparison is worthwhile

Every assurance offers own cover package. The differences are substantial partly. Therefore, it can make sense to compare the different insurance offers with each other. Who would like to find out without obligations, budgetary assurance can compare and if desired also conclude on-line.

Bank Accounts

Free fund depots supplier

For the purchase and sales of fund many investors use a free fund depot which is offered by investment companies. Though the depots are mostly free to invest about single fund depots, nevertheless, can be impractical. This is above all the case when the funds should be acquired by several investment societies. Since then a depot would have to be opened for every investment society.

However, the depot accounts which are offered at a reasonable price by many banks are more comfortably. With it can be bought from different societies fund and be administered in a depot. Depot accounts were offered earlier primarily by direct banks. Today many branch banks also offer such accounts.

However, back to the free fund depot. Importantly is to be noted that every institute does not make available a depot free of charge. To find a suitable corporation which offers a free fund depot, it is advisable to draw a comparison. Before a comparison should be considered first always whether the fund depot should be led, for example, as an Einmalanlage, as an arrangement for capital-creating achievements or as a fund par plan.

A fund depot open online

Who would like to open a fund depot, can consult with a bank of his choice. Mostly it is a hired broker of the local bank who carries out there the consultation. He looks after the opening just as after all other things which concern the depot. Of course it is held on always in writing which activities are taken over from the bank. For this many banks require fees.

Because many people think highly, however, increasingly of a free fund depot, they look as already mentioned straight for an on-line broker on the Internet. The free variations are suitable particularly for new beginners well. But attention: every depot does not remain permanently free.

Result: Free fund depots have advantages and disadvantages. They are suitable, in any case, for beginners well. Who searches the personal conversation with the bank, nevertheless, should decide on a depot variation liable for costs at a local institute.


Occupational disability assurance

Many people put the question to themselves whether an occupational disability assurance (BU) makes sense. Basically every assurance is not suitable for everybody. Therefore, the scepticism is entitled. Also the occupational disability assurance does not count to the duty assurances. What is hardly known: Almost every fourth one becomes unable to work up to the retirement age in Germany. Hardly somebody can hold the standard of living other if the income from the activity is lost. That’s why the security can absolutely make sense and necessary by an occupational disability assurance.

For whom is a occupational disability assurance important?

An occupational disability assurance is important for people who depend permanently on the income from her work. As particularly threatened professional guilds are valid construction workers and laborers. But also with occupations with strong psychic load a BU is worthwhile.

Besides an occupational disability assurance is also important for freelances and independent, because they have anyway no right to the legal security because nothing is deposited at the pension fund. Here it is possible to protect itself with a private occupational disability assurance. It is similar with the students who also do not deposit at the legal pension fund. Everybody should find out about the exact conditions in the approach well.

At last a BU can also matter to young employees, employees and trainees. First-time employees receive none or only little support from the state, if it comes to an unfitness for work. Here a private security is recommended.

What does cost a occupational disability assurance?

The costs depend on several factors. The monthly contributions vary according to risk, age and education. Besides the payment amount plays an important role. The higher the contribution precipitates, the higher the contribution monthly to be paid develops. It is important that the disability pension is adapted regularly, because the net income increases in the course of the time as a rule.


Vehicle assurances compare

In future a comparison of vehicle assurances can be particularly worthwhile. Since many vehicles are assigned from 2012 new vehicle-type classes. This affects the contributions to the full fully comprehensive insurance and part fully comprehensive insurance as well as the premiums for the liability insurance.

The age of the vehicle owner plays a role

Yearly all vehicles which are admitted in Germany become in new vehicle-type classes one or umgestuft. Besides, are considered the number of the damages (for example, glass damages) or thefts which were adjusted in the current year for the respective vehicle class. However, become future also the age of the vehicle owner (policy holder) and the latest vehicle user incorporated. This leads to the fact that possibly half of all vehicles become in a higher and about 40 percent in a lower vehicle-type class umgestuft. Also in the full fully comprehensive insurance and part fully comprehensive insurance there will be in future changes by the classification of the vehicle types.

If a vehicle is often served by older or younger drivers and, besides, it comes to a damage, the risk assessment and the contributions rise for the assurance. This is also dependent on the respective vehicle type.

With an insurance comparison save money

To find out which vehicle-type class falls on own vehicle, it is advisable to carry out an insurance comparison.

For the case that the vehicle was classified in a higher class vehicle owners like with other increases in contributions can make use, by the way, of a special right to cancel and discontinue the contract of insurance with a term of four weeks on receipt of the information. In this time it is possible to find a new, more favorable supplier. Thus some hundred euros lets save in vehicle insurance premiums in the year.


University sex rates assurances

Equal rights were seldom so radical. From December, 2012 many rates are calculated in Germany gender-neutrally. For many men, but also for women, this can become expensive.

Up to now the rates were strictly calculated after the respective risk of a person. For the assurances men and women are different beings what has led up to now between man’s insurance policies and ladies’ insurance policies to considerable differences between prices. Thus women pay, for example, much lower sums than men for a life insurance. Since: Statistically seen women live longer. For the insurers is the risk that a woman passes away early, so more slightly. Consequently the premiums are lower. Differently it looks to the pension scheme. Here the men better stand there. By the lower life expectancy sinks equally the danger that the society about many years must pay away the suitable sums.

Which assurances become cheaper, which more expensive?

Though one has defended himself vehemently against it. However, it uses nothing. In future men and women receive rates to uniform conditions. Till the end of 2012 thousands of rates on a new calculation base are put. For the insurance mathematicians a difficult job. Already in 2011 there was a decision of the European Court of Justice because the unequal rates would mean an offence against the ban on discrimination. Therefore, nobody more should pay on account of the gender more. The other way round looked is called in future, however, also that now many assurances become more expensive.

Men must pay in particular for occupational disability assurances, private nursing complementary insurances, Rürup pension schemes as well as private pension schemes up to 40 percent more. Women pay above all in the risk life insurance as well as in the accident insurance and car insurance more. Then for men the amount sinks again for the risk life insurance and women save with the nursing insurance policies and the occupational disability assurance.


EADS with good figures

The aerial group and space group EADS can be glad about bulging full order books: Already after the first six months of the business year 2011 so many orders are given that they cannot be still delivered any more everybody this year.

Indeed, the profit situation could not keep up with the positive development of the orders situation. Thus EADS has earned in the first half-year less than in the year before. A reason for it were the course losses which result from the weakness of the US dollar and the British pound. These ruined the clear increase of the surgical result completely. Thus only one half annual output of 109 milliard euros could be expelled which lay about 41 percent under the last year’s result and disappointed analysts hard.

Differently than in the sector of the civil aviation EADS must accept sinking order volumes because of the savings in the armament households of the most important European customers in the area of military aircraft. An exception form only helicopters which producer EADS Eurocopter even the result could increase in bigger measure than the turnover.

Optimistically the analysis of the second quarter is right: The aerial group and space group could register an increase of the surgical result (EBIT) of 15 percent for this period, the result rose even on 371 million euros. With it the expectations were excelled for the second quarter by finance analysts which had accepted only one profit of 317 million euros. Just it behaves with the turnovers: While they have really increased about 6 percent on scarcely over 12 milliard euros, experts had counted only on 11.6 milliard euros. The management left the forecast for the whole year unchanged: It is calculated on a stable surgical result (EBIT) at last year’s level, so without special influence from currency developments and similar.


The USA averting of the insolvency

The time for an arrangement between Republicans and democrats about the solution of the debt crisis becomes dangerously scarce; if no compromise is achieved, the USA will be insolvent from the 2nd of August, 2011. Now aggravatingly still an internal quarrel comes among the Republicans: The Republican John Boehner, the president of the House of Representatives in which the Republicans own the majority could not persuade his fellow members on the Thursday evening of his plan to the averting of the insolvency of the USA. He intended that first savings are decided at the rate of approximately 900 milliard dollars and at the same time an increase of the debt limit by similar height. Afterwards other savings should be dismissed in the US household of 1600 milliard dollars. In particular the ultraright followers of the Tea party movement among the Republicans rejected this. Indeed, this plan could have achieved anyway no success, because the US head of government Barack Obama had already made clear that he would have inserted anyway his veto against the suitable law. He has explained this negative position with the fact that only at short notice this solution reached and became necessary thus next year renewed raising of the debt border. And he would like to avoid this under all circumstances, there not to load his position in the election campaign in 2012.

Should no arrangement be really achieved before the 2nd of August, one more “reprieve” to at most could be won with reservation cord and partial sales by gold reserves 10th of August. If this dramatic case should enter, the government then every day would have to meet a choice which her financial obligation she would like to fulfil: Pensions, health achievements, military expenses, interest and social benefits would stand to the arrangement. The results for the economy of the USA, her international respect and her creditworthiness would be catastrophic.


Contracts operational old-age provisions

Of the press was to be taken that it has come with Therefore by the sales of contracts to the operational old-age provisions in some cases to irregularities. The Therefore group has concluded with enterprise first general agreements for certain old-age provisions products which put away especially favorable conditions for the employees. Nevertheless, afterwards the insurance agents would have ignored this general agreement and would have sold to the customers single contracts to worse conditions. The motivation for this Übervorteilung of the insurance customers lay in the higher commissions which could be filled by the insurance agents in this way. Till present, however, the total sum of the damage which the insured persons have suffered in such a way has not been calculated yet. The Therefore group has founded a special working group which should deal in detail with this failure of his employees. Now, at least, it is quite clear that at 160 enterprises contracts of insurance have been closed which do not fit to the size of the company.

The federal association of the consumer headquarters as well as the alliance of the insured persons was indignant about these methods of the Therefore group. They accuse the internal ones and the external controls of the insurance branch in this case of complete failure. The insurance expert Lars Gatschke who acts for the federal association of the consumer headquarters took these exposures to the occasion to criticise the ruling commission system of insurance agent basically. According to his opinion there would be the absolutely wrong incentive. A limitation of the at most attainable commissions should solve this problem. The alliance assurance already has a such commission system: With her the representative gets a commission by the same height for every concluded old-age provisions contract.