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In search of an account countless banks with putative specials, bargains and premiums lure. A free account turns out after the study of the small print, however, often too expensive – an account comparison helps here, expensive traps to handle. The name free account is attached sometimes to conditions: then in the small print adjuvant tips are suddenly found that the free account is free only with a certain monthly money income that for certain transactions, nevertheless, fees result, or that it is led only one fixed period toll-free. In the account comparison separates the wheat from the chaff: some free account is toll-free even only up to a certain old person and afterwards is converted into a fee required account.

Here it must be exactly compared which account which fees causes. Thus not only monthly account processing fees result with some accounts, but also still fees for referrals, debit notes, foreign transactions or cash withdrawals in foreign machine. Besides, the fees which are not often roofed with the account comparison can result. Thus it can happen always once that one miscalculates with his budget and slips unintentional in the deficit – from here it can become really expensive: is a drawing credit (Dispo) included with the free account? Pay attention exactly to the interest rate, here two-digit percentages result under circumstances! Select, however, a free account without Dispo, expensive back debit note fees can result if the account is covered not enough. And in the end: which additional performances are included? Some bank lures with credit cards which becomes suddenly fee required at the end of a certain period. An exact account comparison is to be advised urgently.

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