Around secured with the building of a house

Many people calculate with a building of a house mostly only the lending rates, the loan frames and the cheapest kleinstmögliche assurance that it, however, thereby to an even higher indebtedness can come, many do not know.
If a damage enters because which is not covered by the elective assurance, it can come within the shortest time to shocking costs.

Because the choice of an insurance group and the suitable choice is very big in insurance possibilities and is opaque for many, here a performance which will turn out for future house-owners very valuable:

1. Developer’s liability

If a third enters your building site, whether authorised (inspection appointment / page Known / In) or unauthorizedly (playing children), you can protect yourselves with the developer’s liability against a possible accident. If you do not take out this policy, you are pulled to the responsibility what can mean, in the end, that you must arise for all attacking costs which have originated from the accident.

Tip: A sign on which “entrance to bans” stands puts no substitute with this assurance – an accident N responsibility must be carried, nevertheless, for Injured/.

2. Construction achievement assurance

The construction achievement assurance is very complicated and covers various damages, like strong storm, theft and vandalism.
She is comparable with a “Vollkasko” assurance for an automobile and definitively very advisable, because she reaches in a lot of cases and leads thus to lower financial own load if it comes to a case of damage.

3. Construction assistant’s assurance

Should you take into consideration to pull friends / Known on your building site for the help, may not be ignored that you also bear here full responsibility for the respective people. Very fast it can come to unforeseen incidents (e.g., brick stone falls on the head of an assistant) which should be secured. Also for this there are some construction assurance groups who cover this.

4. Fire shell assurance

There are not to be underestimated fire damages which appear as more frequent than developers possibly expect. Already a spark can set on fire the whole house with appropriate weather, the results are immense and are covered by the insurance societies which offer a fire shell assurance.

5. Residential building assurance

This assurance covers a large part in cases of damage, from fire through water damages, as well as appearing defects by hail/storm/lightning strike. This assurance should also exist if the building of a house is concluded.

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