Banks want to set up securities tax

The banks have struck in terms of taxes already. Now they want to negotiate with the banks and their bosses.

The head of the Savings Bank has announced it now. Soon to be discussed with the government to negotiate the new charges. This also means that these aspects should be re-implemented on time. The banks now want to plan the costs and revenues. The 50 million € per year, which have been recorded by 2013 are, in this case simply too high. Therefore, the profit of the securities will now be sold from October. This means that should apply to these items a tax that amounts to nearly 25 percent. The aim is therefore, the speculators finally to ask the cashier. The law, however, is not decided yet. Therefore should be talked about in how far you can adjust and set these in the coming weeks. It is also possible that the government can save the 100 to 150 million euros and thus can reduce the costs rapidly. This reduction of costs incurred in this case by the taxes in the financial industry. For this reason, these points should be clarified so that the banks in our country can finally save and reduce the high costs in different ranges.

To the individual bankers now want to take a running start. Is parallel to the already drafted a complaint to the Constitutional Court, which shall include the individual complaints from different sectors. All large and especially major institutions are included in this area. Through to summer, this process should remain there, so that a final agreement will only arise in six months.