BayernLB requires compensation

As from several springs is reported now plans the BayernLB to make serious. Therefore, the former board members should sue for a total of 200 million euros of compensation. With the people responsible one keeps himself with comments up to now, however, surely overcast. The Ministry of Finance confirmed merely that the first complaint is numbered and is submitted at the Munich district court. The complaint turns against the former state bank board of directors Gerhard Gribowsky.

This sits in pretrial detention, because he should have accepted about 37 million euros in bribes by the sales of formula 1 of shares. The money should have paid tax on Gribkowsky in Austria favourably and there in an endowment deposited. To get access to this endowment money, however, an achievement complaint lodged in Germany is necessary in the form of a compensation demand.

Reason for the compensation demands is the fatal takeover of the Austrian bank HGAA which of the second largest German state bank gave a loss of 3.7 milliard euros. A total of eight former board members of the BayernLB are concerned by the demands. Which amount, besides, on each of them is cancelled is not known up to now. Most responsibility falls on the former boss of the BayernLB, Werner Schmidt. Indeed, it is supposed that the highest partial sum is cancelled to Gribkowsky, because with him still the thing comes with the sales of the formula 1 Shares. Moreover, it must be considered what is to be got with every affected person. And a similarly high property is known by no one else like with Gribkowsky.

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