Call Money offers

Just in times of big economic insecurity the arrangement on a day money account can be very attractive: Relatively high interest can be combined thus with the greatest possible flexibility. As soon as the investor decides on another form of the investment of his savings, he can discontinue the money immediately and dispose mostly already after two or three days again freely of it. On the Internet consumers on numerous comparative main entrances can find out about the most favorable conditions of the day investment, constantly topically the offers of different banks are confronted there with each other.

Especially well the bank of Scotland takes a short-cut with these investigations regularly. This Scottish loan institute which owns a more than 300-year-old tradition offers very high interest without requiring, besides, hidden costs and fees, for example, for the account processing. The bank of Scotland also advertises with the fact that amounts can be put on by any height, there is not a least amount for a day money account. The bank of Scotland is represented in Germany as a pure Internet bank, there exists no branch. So the customers who would like to open a day money account at this bank must fall back on the Postident procedures. Besides, the legitimization of the account occurs in a postal branch. Then the whole account processing and other communication with the bank on the Internet, or with special questions can also occur about the phone. The bank of Scotland has imposed high security graduations on itself for the Internetbanking, so that it should not come to cases of fraud.

Everybody which would like to put on day money at the bank of Scotland should be about that in the clear that the guarantees of the German insert protection fund are not valid for this foreign bank. Should the bank of Scotland suffer a bankruptcy, are protected the arrangement of German savers merely about insert protection fund FSCS (Financial of service Compensation Scheme) for British banks. So before a bigger day investment it is absolutely to be recommended to find out exactly about the topical protection modalities of the FSCS.