Contracts operational old-age provisions

Of the press was to be taken that it has come with Therefore by the sales of contracts to the operational old-age provisions in some cases to irregularities. The Therefore group has concluded with enterprise first general agreements for certain old-age provisions products which put away especially favorable conditions for the employees. Nevertheless, afterwards the insurance agents would have ignored this general agreement and would have sold to the customers single contracts to worse conditions. The motivation for this √úbervorteilung of the insurance customers lay in the higher commissions which could be filled by the insurance agents in this way. Till present, however, the total sum of the damage which the insured persons have suffered in such a way has not been calculated yet. The Therefore group has founded a special working group which should deal in detail with this failure of his employees. Now, at least, it is quite clear that at 160 enterprises contracts of insurance have been closed which do not fit to the size of the company.

The federal association of the consumer headquarters as well as the alliance of the insured persons was indignant about these methods of the Therefore group. They accuse the internal ones and the external controls of the insurance branch in this case of complete failure. The insurance expert Lars Gatschke who acts for the federal association of the consumer headquarters took these exposures to the occasion to criticise the ruling commission system of insurance agent basically. According to his opinion there would be the absolutely wrong incentive. A limitation of the at most attainable commissions should solve this problem. The alliance assurance already has a such commission system: With her the representative gets a commission by the same height for every concluded old-age provisions contract.