Dangerous putting under stress of the EBA

The European bank supervision (EBA) has asked that recently Putting under stress to participant loan institutes to consider a bankruptcy of the Greek state as a scenario with an entry likelyhood of 36% while playing through a risk situation also. The banks should prove that they also dispose in case of a comprehensive European financial crisis of company capital by sufficient height (at least 5%).

This is already the second putting under stress with which the EBA the crisis firmness of the European financial institutions tests. In contrast to the first flow last year no critic of the EBA will be able to accuse with this spot that the demands were too slightly attainable. It is expected that in particular Greek banks will fall through in this test, because they hold by far the biggest part of the ailing Greek state loans. One speaks of the fact that a total of 50 milliard euros lie at Greek loan institutes. But also for some German and French bank it might become narrow with this putting under stress, nevertheless, loan institutes of both countries hold in each case Greek state loans to the value of 11 milliard euros.

Now with this putting under stress the failure of Greek state loans is moved for the first time by official place in the area of the possible. The intention was fine to calm the financial markets very much concerned because of the Greek finance plight with playing through this scenario. Indeed, the present echo allows only the end that with it rather the opposite was caused. Before the test a bankruptcy of the Greek state was an absolute taboo which was demanded not openly. Now this has changed and it is absolutely a realistic fear that by the discussion pushed by the EBA the state bankruptcy of Greece has become more likely around something.