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Be each one dog calls own and would like to protect itself and his beloved four-legged friend, that should close a dog liability insurance. Who gets an animal, that should be also aware that any time by the animal a damage can develop in the form of personal damages as well as damages to property. Therefore, one should also take over responsibility and close a corresponding liability insurance for the animal.

Introduce yourselves once, the dog gets a fright, for example, and, besides, a cyclist comes to case or the dog breaks loose, runs on the street and causes, besides, a traffic accident. Quick develop in such cases high damage sums which can do the responsible in the financial ruin if one enjoys no sufficient insurance cover.

With the Generali insurance one finds for his four-legged friend, no matter whether to store dachshund, sheepdog or other race exactly the right insurance around himself for all cases well. The insurance benefits are very good and the standard insured sum for personal damages or damages to property lies with five million euros. Also the pecuniary detriments which are caused by the dog are stored with a sum of the 300,000 euro very well. With all rent damages to property which the animal can cause in immovable objects dog liability insurance with an insurance benefit of also 300,000 euros sticks the Generali.

Already for a very fair monthly fee which one can decorate with a deduction even more for a good price one receives with the Generali a very good and comprehensive insurance cover. The service of the insurances is excellent and the employees of the insurance company discuss the customer also with pleasure by telephone to other questions all around the insurance for the four-legged friend.

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