Dog liability insurance

After the civil code every animal holder is in Germany for the damages which develop from his animal with others responsibly and therefore legally responsible. Such damages develop much faster than one thinks: The dog who has waded just by a mud puddle can stain in the twinkling of an eye the snow-white casing of a passer-by strongly. And should the dog carry once debt for an accident, very high expenses come up to the holder mostly.
In liability one can be also taken, by the way if one goes with the dog of the best friend Gassi. A liability for the damage caused by the dog comes under the statute of limitations only after thirty years and can cost therefore an amount of money.
Because a private liability insurance does not protect the dog holder in this case, many dog owners close a dog liability insurance.
On this occasion, they protect themselves with an enough high sum insured.
Meanwhile it is in some federal states a duty to close a dog liability insurance for as dangerously classified races (fighting dogs).

The dog liability is closed always only for a concrete animal and goes out if the animal passes away or changes his owner

Insurance there are different articles and insurance conditions. Thus there are, for example, insurances with liability breakdown guard up to a certain, by contract determined sum which step in always then when harm is done to the dog of the dog holder of another animal and cannot pay the holder this. Again other insurances also come for damages on vacation ouch
A comparison between the different dog liability insurances is worthwhile always.
As favorable it mostly also turns out to let insure of the dog already as a young animal.

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