EADS with good figures

The aerial group and space group EADS can be glad about bulging full order books: Already after the first six months of the business year 2011 so many orders are given that they cannot be still delivered any more everybody this year.

Indeed, the profit situation could not keep up with the positive development of the orders situation. Thus EADS has earned in the first half-year less than in the year before. A reason for it were the course losses which result from the weakness of the US dollar and the British pound. These ruined the clear increase of the surgical result completely. Thus only one half annual output of 109 milliard euros could be expelled which lay about 41 percent under the last year’s result and disappointed analysts hard.

Differently than in the sector of the civil aviation EADS must accept sinking order volumes because of the savings in the armament households of the most important European customers in the area of military aircraft. An exception form only helicopters which producer EADS Eurocopter even the result could increase in bigger measure than the turnover.

Optimistically the analysis of the second quarter is right: The aerial group and space group could register an increase of the surgical result (EBIT) of 15 percent for this period, the result rose even on 371 million euros. With it the expectations were excelled for the second quarter by finance analysts which had accepted only one profit of 317 million euros. Just it behaves with the turnovers: While they have really increased about 6 percent on scarcely over 12 milliard euros, experts had counted only on 11.6 milliard euros. The management left the forecast for the whole year unchanged: It is calculated on a stable surgical result (EBIT) at last year’s level, so without special influence from currency developments and similar.