EnBW against fuel element tax

After E.on and RWE had already announced to lodge complaints against the alliance because of the elevation of the fuel element tax, now the EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has also resolved to go forward on judicial way against this law. With it the third-biggest energy provider has made clear also in Germany that he is not determined to accept the new financial charges which come up to the nuclear power stations pursued by him.

EnBW boss Hans-Peter Villis estimates that by the new tax additional issues will come up at the rate of about 440 million euros yearly to the group. He stressed that this money is required, actually, urgently for the other removal of the renewable energy. Really the enterprise after the introduction of the huge offshore wind strength arrangement Baltic I plans the establishment of an other big wind park; the investment sum of this project should amount to a total of one milliard euros.

EnBW is concerned especially hard by the fuel element tax because it is dependent in especially big magnitude on the nuclear energy. Thus the energy group before the closing of two nuclear reactors from before four nuclear energy arrangements covered scarcely half of the stream achieved all together.

In spite of submission of the complaint the energy group from Baden-Wurttemberg will have to transfer first the fuel element tax to the treasury by full height, because the objection against the relevant assessment notice does not lead to the suspension of the maturity of the taxes. The complaints of all three energy providers rest on certificate in which experts have found out that the alliance should not have been entitled as in the year before happen to remit the law of the fuel element tax. In addition, it was criticised that the law against valid federal right and European right offends.