German bank aims for record earnings in 2011

At Deutsche Bank has apparently overcome the crisis. At least they gave themselves at the annual press conference, very calm and confident. Even a record of ten billion euros, the bankers set for the current year as a target.

But the latest figures provide optimism for the bankers. So you could record a profit before tax of four billion euros. Thus, a number of Postbank takeover despite making it clear that the German bank has weathered the crisis well. It is nevertheless aware that the industry is still not over the hill and be careful.

Main source of income of the bank was once more in investment banking. The good results in Corporate and Investment Bank has you to thank for that came in spite of the Postbank acquisition, Sal Oppenheim purchase and the acquisition of parts of ABN Amro bank to such a positive outcome. The investment bankers achieved a profit before tax of six billion euros, the second best result ever. In the future we would like to expand the retail sector further and make another pillar of the company. How exactly do you want to do this is still not quite sure, chief executive Josef Ackermann is at least open to change as long as they are applied globally and sound management.

Despite the strong performance, Ackermann stressed that the bank’s employees are the most important asset. “We are today in many ways, stronger than before the financial crisis,” Ackermann said, also is optimistic that the bank is perfectly positioned for the future.