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Giro account without Schufa – what must be considered by the opening?

Who is in search of a giro account without Schufa, for example, on account of lacking Bonit├Ąt or private insolvency, is covered on the Internet with a huge number of offers. Care, to trip case: there are numerous offers (here one finds topical offers) for a schufafree giro account, however, many of it are profitable at most for the banks. In many cases you expect with a giro account without Schufa high opening fees, monthly account processing fees as well as restrictions in the payments. In some cases it is not even possible to remove cash in the machine, but it can be transferred only to other accounts. Who searches such an account, must urgently exactly compare. A credit investigation, so an insight into the Schufa, occurs at practically every bank.

Who wants to open a giro account without Schufa, should ask first at his house bank and investigate different suppliers at the same time on the Internet. Here it is a matter of paying attention exactly to the prices and modalities: also a schufafree account is not, by the way, is not secure of garnishment. Consider, hence, the opening fees, pay attention to fees dependent on turnover or monthly and check exactly how you come to your money: does the possibility exist for debits? Can you transfer on-line? Does the giro account without Schufa also offer you the possibility to pay by means of money card? Exactly can compare help to save cash money!

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