Goldman Sachs fool of himself

Originally, the U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs, the project to go in the U.S. with Facebook-fund on the market. Now, however, makes the bank backed down and this is because the SEC in the U.S. probably has directed special attention to this plan.

In an official release said therefore that the Facebook fund may be violating private placements of equity, the general rule applicable to the U.S. market. The fund with the Facebook shares should therefore only be opened once only possible for foreign investors.

After a very large and diverse coverage of the plan by the U.S. bank, however, seems now the SEC, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, are interested too strong for this project, because in the U.S., the principle that private placements of equity securities not in public advertisement shall be advertised. Through the media coverage but this is done in a very copious mass.

The run and the demand for these fund shares from Facebook, however, are enormous and according to press reports the bank before orders were made ??by funds in the order of about seven billion dollars. The bank stressed, however, that the fund up to a half billion dollars will be great. Since Goldman Sachs this now but can only offer foreign investors, the original target group of wealthy U.S. citizens, on the track and especially the buyers from the Middle Kingdom are glad. Here the interest is particularly high to invest in this fund. According to the minimum entry amount for the pre-market fund at least two million dollars. Small investors have to wait until well so Facebook will go even to the stock exchange in 2012.