High oil price – The foundation for course pushes

The traders in Moscow start with full optimism the new stock market year. Meanwhile the experts expect there a continuation in the different shares to houses. Therefore there is no analyst who does not believe to form a plus in a two-digit area. Hence, on the Moscow stock exchanges there should be a big boom which should form, in addition, the values beyond the raw material sector. These are at a premium in this country particularly.
With light convulsions not even there reacted the people from Moscow if they were condemned shortly before Sylvester. On the contrary, because many investment crises in Russia slowly decrease. This reported above all the media which dealt with this subject. Upwards meanwhile the stomachache and the optimism should rise. The traders in Moscow stand to full enthusiasm with the new stock market year.

Hence, the best portents are given there. Meanwhile 2011 expects a growth from more than 4.5 percent of the gross domestic product. Hence, the rising oil prices and the consumption joy without brakes in the country are in clearly the foreground. That’s why the leading index had already doubled last year about more than 23 percent.

Just in Russia the share clues are very high. As a rule these follow the trend of the raw material markets which were at a premium also last year. Indeed, it is rather a paradox. Since just the energy title is not according to the expectations. On the contrary, because this should even have been missed by the analysts. Here at the beginning of 2010 the values were not enough. More than 20 percent these have sunk. Oil and gas are the decisive points in this area. At the beginning of the year the different aspects should be stroked, so that the costs and the shares should considerably rise during the next weeks.

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