Ikano bank

The bank was explained in 1988 to one of the family Kamprad belonging group and found a suitable business partner in the Swedish furniture supplier. What many do not know, is the fact that the family Kamprad also hears the worldwide known group of Ikea. The cooperation of the enterprise of Ikea and the group of Ikano is due on the one and same owner and serves, primarily, the reassurance of the business partners. With increasing experience and business segments the customer sphere grew. The Ikano bank offers meanwhile also in Germany his service. Ikano Group is the name under which the group offers his financial services. Beside real estate, administration of property, financial services, assurances as well as retail trade for corporate clients and private customers are the spheres of activity which are offered by Ikano. Depending on the countries services are offered, in addition, like construction financing, leasing or insert shops.
The Ikano bank is to be found in the countries Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. With all customers a lasting and long-term cooperation is aimed. The profile of the group lets arise more the feeling of a partnership and less a business cooperation. The head office of the bank is to be found in Luxembourg. A cooperation with German traders and partner banks already exists for some years. The interest to private customer has increased only now visibly. What clearly appears in the fact that the methods of payment were extended for private customers. Uncomplicated and understandably all services and processes are with the Ikano Group what makes easier a use in the everyday life. The interest is influenced like at any other bank also by the world economy. Nevertheless, comparisons with other banking corporations reveal fast that the Ikano Group offer to her customers high interest which makes a Geldanlegen or intertemporal “parking” attractive. The Swedish banking corporation has conquered with her combination of intelligibilit, customer fairness and good conditions visibly the market.