Important insurance for individuals

Liability insurance is a standard that everyone should have insurance. Most liability insurance policies cover a broad spectrum. In principle, this insurance is there to claims arising from claims for damages to cover to the policyholder. Since this can be caused by a variety of scenarios, the contractual terms of the different insurance companies vary in some cases considerably. A liability is worthwhile to compare this type of insurance in particular.
The accident insurance and disability insurance are among the major insurance companies. Here, however, not covered Forederungen desVersicherungnehmers from claims of others, but the work force and health. Take place at the disability insurance payments for a disability occurring to reach retirement age. The height of the mont alichen payments are set at the beginning, many insurance companies offer the possibility to adjust the amount to changing life situations. Here, however, are usually limited.
The personal accident insurance pays for the accident. Depending on the contract may also be a hospital cash or Kurkostenbeihilfe be paid.
The accident insurance is therefore different from the disability insurance that is to the effect that the accident insurance as the name suggests is based on accident, but less on the monetary effects, such as the loss of income.