In Italy it goes to the thing

After the Italian senate had approved the huge savings programme already on Thursday, the chamber of deputies should give on Friday his approval. On this it is certainly calculated because the opposition has undertaken not to be right in view of the big seriousness of the situation against the savings package.

Besides, it is about the no less than 79 milliard euros which should be saved all together. After the Italian Minister for Economic Affairs Giulio Tremonti still held 47 milliards for fourteen days ago enough, the pressure of international analysts and capital markets made him raise the sum of the planned shortenings of the state expenses by 32 milliard euros. Besides, the savings spread for four years (in 2011: 3 milliard euros, in 2012: 6 milliard euros, in 2013: 25 milliard euros, in 2014: 45 milliard euros). With it the Italian government up to 2014 would like to achieve the aim of a well-balanced budget.

The package of measures with which this ambitious plan should be pursued intends not only savings on the state expenses, but also tax rises and privatisations. Thus all salaries should be frozen in the civil service. For achievements of state health services higher fees must be already paid in short future clearly. Also the Italian pensioners who cover very high pensions must make themselves calm on charges by an extra tax. In addition, the pension entry age should be raised.

Experts hope that these drastic changes will lead really to the fact that Italy gets to diminish respected state indebtedness his currently on a good 120 percent of the gross domestic products with lasting effect. Indeed, must be considered with this number that Italy showed a state indebtedness at the rate of more than 100 percent of the GDP already by entry in the EU.