Insured sums with the private liability

A lot of German citizens own a private liability insurance. Only the least know about it, how high your insured sum is. Now experts point out to the fact that many citizens are insured too lowly. In the case of damage this can lead fast to bad surprises. It is important with the private liability insurance with about 3 – 5 million euros to be insured, according to experts. Also some do not know yet sometimes for which the private liability is generally good and when this must step in.

A short example: One goes by the bicycle on the street. Suddenly a pedestrian meets one and one cannot brake any more on time and starts the pedestrian. With some pitch the pedestrian has broken, for example, a bone and must remain from an ambulance puck up and in a hospital one week. Afterwards the pedestrian sues the cyclist to 5,000 euros of damages and the judges awards this right. Who pays this shocking sum which gathers in total? The private liability insurance takes over these expenses. Because with some pitch so fast several hundred thousand euros or even millions euros gathers, it is to be seen importantly with the private liability to high insured sums! If one is insured, for example, only with 100,000 euros and the whole demand of the injured person, from the hospital and from the dish amounts to 110,000 euros, the 10,000 euros must be paid themselves. So that such a thing cannot happen, one should play it safe best of all immediately and invest more monthly some euros that one can enjoy a recommended insurance cover at the rate of 3 – 5 million euros.

If one has in the next time before to close a new private liability, one should pay attention in particular to the fact that in the protection rent damages are included. Also it should be paid attention to the fact that the private liability is also valid abroad. Best of all one gets together all bases once and looks a little in the Internet and if one has found something favorable, one can terminate his old private liability insurance by the fastest possible date. In most cases are worthwhile these expenses to search everything too out to compare et cetera.

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