Lower fees in cash machines

Long it was only discussed and there lasted some time, until one agreed on measures. Now from the 15th of January customers must be informed by every foreign withdrawal about the attacking fees. Should the customer not agree with these, he has the possibility to break off the process free of charge. This marking should occur with the help of a screen dialogue. However, during the transitional phase a clearly obviously right sticker on the machine should also be enough. Nevertheless, up to the summer the fees should be evident in all machines by means of screen dialogue. Beside the marking duty introduced anew, for fees in foreign machines, agreed a row of private banks now to introduce a uniform upper limit for fees which become due if one removes money in a machine of another bank. Like the bank association informed is valid from 15. January in about 10,000 cash machines of the private banks a fee upper limit of 1.95 euros. Up to now fees became due at the rate of five euros and more. For savings banks and loan banks no upper limits were fixed up to now, here the fees lie with 5 euros.

If banks have already met before agreements together which allow the free Bargeldabheben in certain machine, these arrangements continue furthermore and the Geldabheben furthermore free of charge. For example, the banks who belong the “CashGroup” or the “Cash of pool“ are concerned by it. The changes in the present fee regulations took place because the Federal Cartel Office criticised that the fees are partially too high and are evident, besides, for the customer only after the Geldabheben on his bank statement.

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