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Moneybookers – worldwide favourably money send

Moneybookers is worldwide one of the biggest online payment services. In contrast to a conventional bank account you can pay with Moneybookers simply on-line with theirs email address. The money is transferred nearly on a real-time basis, is cancelled thus the unliked waiting periods like with a bank credit transfer. Moreover, no examination into your account data receives of the Zahlungsempfäger what can show a security risk under circumstances. The payee sees merely the email address of that the money was sent.

A payment on the own Moneybookers account occurs comfortably by transfer or debit. On this occasion, is to be followed only from accounts are in the same name like the Moneybookers account can be deposited.

Of course it is also to be let transfer possibly the money received with Moneybookers to your account.

The costs of a transfer with Moneybookers to another account amount to 1 percent of the amount, at most, nevertheless, 0.50 euros per transfer. On this occasion, it plays no role whether the transfer in the home or foreign countries goes. The receiver will see the credit few seconds after the transfer it was effected on his account. Therefore often very much the long waiting periods are lost by herkömlichen foreign transfers completely. Moreover, your personal data for the receiver do not become evident.

The receive of money via Moneybookers is free. Also for the payment on the account by bank credit transfer no costs result.

With Moneybookers you have the possibility worldwide to transfer nearly on a real-time basis money without having to pay, besides, high fees. Moreover, you protect your personal data and, for example, orders in on-line shops can be explained substantially faster, because like with a bank credit transfer must not be waited For days for the money.

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