Now banks want to arrange bond steering wheel

The banks have struck in the matter of controllings again. Now they want to negotiate again with the savings banks and their bosses.

Now the boss of the savings bank has announced this. Soon should be spoken with the government of negotiating the new sales. This also means that these aspects should be transformed again in time. Now the banks want to plan the expenses and income. In this case the 50 million euros in the year which have been already calculated till 2013 are easy too high. Hence, should be disposed from October now the profit of the bonds. This means that on these papers a steering wheel should result which amounts to just 25 percent. Hence, destination is to ask the speculators finally to the cash box. However, the law is not decided yet. Hence, should be spoken during the next weeks of it, adjust this to what extent into one and can place. Possibly it is additional that the government can save the from 100 to 150 million euros and can lower the expenses therefore rapidly. In this case this ptosis of the expenses develop from the controllings in the financial management. That’s why these dots should be cleared unambiguously, so that also the banks can be able to do saving in our country, finally, and lower the high expenses in the different ranges.

Now in addition the single banker want to take a run-up. Parallel a complaint is compiled already for the constitutional court which should contain the individual complaints from the different sectors. All big and above all essential institutes are included in this range. Up to the summer this process should still continue, so that a final arrangement should develop only in half a year.

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