Occupational disability assurance

Many people put the question to themselves whether an occupational disability assurance (BU) makes sense. Basically every assurance is not suitable for everybody. Therefore, the scepticism is entitled. Also the occupational disability assurance does not count to the duty assurances. What is hardly known: Almost every fourth one becomes unable to work up to the retirement age in Germany. Hardly somebody can hold the standard of living other if the income from the activity is lost. That’s why the security can absolutely make sense and necessary by an occupational disability assurance.

For whom is a occupational disability assurance important?

An occupational disability assurance is important for people who depend permanently on the income from her work. As particularly threatened professional guilds are valid construction workers and laborers. But also with occupations with strong psychic load a BU is worthwhile.

Besides an occupational disability assurance is also important for freelances and independent, because they have anyway no right to the legal security because nothing is deposited at the pension fund. Here it is possible to protect itself with a private occupational disability assurance. It is similar with the students who also do not deposit at the legal pension fund. Everybody should find out about the exact conditions in the approach well.

At last a BU can also matter to young employees, employees and trainees. First-time employees receive none or only little support from the state, if it comes to an unfitness for work. Here a private security is recommended.

What does cost a occupational disability assurance?

The costs depend on several factors. The monthly contributions vary according to risk, age and education. Besides the payment amount plays an important role. The higher the contribution precipitates, the higher the contribution monthly to be paid develops. It is important that the disability pension is adapted regularly, because the net income increases in the course of the time as a rule.