Call Money offers

Just in times of big economic insecurity the arrangement on a day money account can be very attractive: Relatively high interest can be combined thus with the greatest possible flexibility. As soon as the investor decides on another form of the investment of his savings, he can discontinue the money immediately and dispose mostly already after two or three days again freely of it. On the Internet consumers on numerous comparative main entrances can find out about the most favorable conditions of the day investment, constantly topically the offers of different banks are confronted there with each other.

Especially well the bank of Scotland takes a short-cut with these investigations regularly. This Scottish loan institute which owns a more than 300-year-old tradition offers very high interest without requiring, besides, hidden costs and fees, for example, for the account processing. The bank of Scotland also advertises with the fact that amounts can be put on by any height, there is not a least amount for a day money account. The bank of Scotland is represented in Germany as a pure Internet bank, there exists no branch. So the customers who would like to open a day money account at this bank must fall back on the Postident procedures. Besides, the legitimization of the account occurs in a postal branch. Then the whole account processing and other communication with the bank on the Internet, or with special questions can also occur about the phone. The bank of Scotland has imposed high security graduations on itself for the Internetbanking, so that it should not come to cases of fraud.

Everybody which would like to put on day money at the bank of Scotland should be about that in the clear that the guarantees of the German insert protection fund are not valid for this foreign bank. Should the bank of Scotland suffer a bankruptcy, are protected the arrangement of German savers merely about insert protection fund FSCS (Financial of service Compensation Scheme) for British banks. So before a bigger day investment it is absolutely to be recommended to find out exactly about the topical protection modalities of the FSCS.


Dog assurances

Most dog owners in Germany are exceedingly generous if it is about the needs and not least about the pleasure of her beloved four-legged friend. No toys are too expensive, no feed well enough. This seems to you certainly famously. However, have you also roofed that even with the most meek Bello in quite everyday situations the instinct can go through?
A cat on the other side of the street is already sometimes enough to let forget the dog his good education.
Possible results: Collisions, damages to property and, in any case, belonging frights for all partners.
Especially unpleasantly it becomes if with this scenario, moreover, one more cyclist comes to damage, because then it can become really expensive for (master or little woman) you if the dog or not is not properly insured.
Besides it is already worthwhile with far more harmless circumstances if you insure of your animal occupant precise, thus even if an expensive vase gets broken or the new Persian carpet is damaged irreparably.
Before the end of a dog assurance it is important to find out thoroughly, so that you insure of the dog neither too much and pay therefore regularly too high contributions, nor not enough, because then you would have to reach in the case of damage possibly for welfare in spite of assurance deeply in the change purse.
To find the optimum security and to be armed for all eventualities, a dog assurance the prize comparison which you can carry out quite comfortably from home on the Internet is recommended.
If the right assurance is found, finally, you should still think that this is not consistent after some time possibly any more, possibly with progressive age of the dog.
Remain best of all always topically informed, so that they can enjoy the time with her four-legged friend lighthearted and remain to you in the misfortune many costs and efforts saved.


Dog assurance in Germany

A dog assurance is not to be mistaken for the annual Dog tax. Because one is delivered as a dog owner over and over again risks, it is advisable to think to itself about the so-called dog liability insurance. On the Internet prospective customers get the first overview about the single possibilities.
Not only the list dogs, but also to other races should have a well-arranged dog assurance. Which here the best is, a dog assurance betrays prize comparison. Many Internet sites have already specialised in this area and inform all around this subject. However, dog owners should pay attention to some things to find finally the suitable assurance for her beloved four-legged friend.
On this occasion, primarily, it depends on different factors. Not only the price of the dog assurance should play a role. The welfare of the dog must come first. There are assurances which the different damages which was caused by the dog take over in different situations. Moreover Material property damages and personal damages count. The annual contribution comes on the race, the being and on the age of the dog and is calculated as a rule individually.
An OP assurance pays in case of an operation and takes over the complete operation medical costs as well as postmedical costs which result to the owners. Quite most dog owners take out a policy which covers all areas. Damages and cost of an operation would be secured for an annual amount. Especially recommendable, because one stands therefore always on the sure side and must give himself no troubles.


Blackstone buys Jack Wolfskin

The US-American finance investor Blackstone has bought the last week to the Outdoor experts Jack Wolfskin for about 700 million euros from his present owners, the finance investors Barclays private Equity and quadriga Capital. In addition, became known that the for many years successfully active manager Manfred Hell will leave the enterprise.

Condition for the sales about whose volume of official site, actually, silence was agreed is that the cartel authorities agree. For the shop assistants Barclay private Equity and quadriga Capital the deal will be worthwhile in any case, nevertheless, they acquired the shares of the Outdoor Ausrüsters from Idstein in 2006 for only 93 million euros.

Jack Wolfskin which who, the wolf paw probably to most consumers in Germany might be confessed was founded in 1981 and has himself, one may give to the information of the enterprise to faith, to the leading trader develops for Outdoor equipment including clothes and dress shoes in Europe. Only in the enterprise headquarters in Idstein there act 460 employees and the production is unwound, however, for the most part in Asia. Last year the turnover could be increased compared with the year before on more than 20% and reached about 304 million euros.

Why exactly for over a quarter century for Jack Wolfskin active managers Manfred Hell the enterprise leaves, did not become known. One said merely that he would go for personal reasons.

Blackstone sees for Jack Wolfskin before all growth potential at the Asian market. Thus is planned that China should remove in future the present biggest buyer Germany. With the experienced investor Blackstone Jack Wolfskin might have found the right shareholder for a such internationalisation.


Arrangement pleases with Greece financial markets

The financial markets reacted on Friday made easier, after at the EU crisis summit arrangement could be achieved concerning a conversion of debts plan for Greece high in debt: Thus the development was friendly in the stock markets and also the course of the euro rose again.

However, though banks and assurances which will take part according to an official statement up to 2014 with a total of 37 milliard euros in the rescue plan are optimistic what concerns the rescue of Greece, nevertheless, deplore at the same time also the immense load which thereby comes up to them. Thus, for example, the boss of the German bank, Josef Ackermann counts, so that that banks on Greek titles would have to carry out write-offs at the rate of 21 percent. Still he expressly welcomed the rescue plan because he shows a well-balanced compromise between the interests of all partners. He expressed himself optimistically that now the problem of Greece would be solved in the essentials.

The big relaxation in the financial markets after the arrangement on Greece help appeared on wide front: Not only the risk premium on Greek state loans sank on Friday, also the yield on Irish state loans gave way about 18 base points and amounted to now only 12.3%. The same pleasing development was to be registered with the courses of the state loans of the other European problem children Spain and Italy: While the yields of Spanish as well as Italian state loans lay with 10-year-old term at the beginning of the week still with 6%, the Spanish papers pay on Friday with 5.7%, Italian with 5.3%. Also all big European share indexes reacted positively to the arrangement on the rescue of Greece and could register opening profits.


How important is a dog assurance?

A customary liability insurance covers damages which originate from a dog, not. Therefore, a dog holder should absolutely take out a special policy for his domestic animal. He is secured by a dog liability insurance with material damages and personal damages which were caused by the four-legged friend. Also the other people who go for a walk with the dog are protected by the assurance.

What many do not know: Assurances for dogs differ very strongly in her achievements. In addition, the claims are differently high to the respective assurance. A dog assurance prize comparison can be helpful here. On this way a dog holder can find the assurance most favorable for him with the best conditions and bring fast in experience as he can protect himself and his animal.

Individual dog assurances

Beside the normal dog liability there are the other assurances which can save high costs a dog owner. If a dog becomes ill, for example, and must be operated in the worst case, this can become very expensive without assurance. The suitable dog assurance takes over the costs. Moreover, dog holders can conclude even a dog health insurance or a dog life insurance. Also dog breeders and owners of fighting dogs can take out individual policies for her animals.

Even if a dog still looks so good, his primeval instincts can be woken up any time. Every dog no matter whether Yorkshire terrier, Labrador or Doberman, can cause considerable damages. If an animal attacks another animal or a person (for example, the postmen), very high costs can originate to the dog holder. Nobody goes therefore past to a dog liability. Thanks to the digital age dog holders can more exactly find out on the Internet on the part of like and compare the conditions of the desired assurances. On this occasion, beside the insurance kind the sum insured, the insurance extent and the term play an important role.


In Italy it goes to the thing

After the Italian senate had approved the huge savings programme already on Thursday, the chamber of deputies should give on Friday his approval. On this it is certainly calculated because the opposition has undertaken not to be right in view of the big seriousness of the situation against the savings package.

Besides, it is about the no less than 79 milliard euros which should be saved all together. After the Italian Minister for Economic Affairs Giulio Tremonti still held 47 milliards for fourteen days ago enough, the pressure of international analysts and capital markets made him raise the sum of the planned shortenings of the state expenses by 32 milliard euros. Besides, the savings spread for four years (in 2011: 3 milliard euros, in 2012: 6 milliard euros, in 2013: 25 milliard euros, in 2014: 45 milliard euros). With it the Italian government up to 2014 would like to achieve the aim of a well-balanced budget.

The package of measures with which this ambitious plan should be pursued intends not only savings on the state expenses, but also tax rises and privatisations. Thus all salaries should be frozen in the civil service. For achievements of state health services higher fees must be already paid in short future clearly. Also the Italian pensioners who cover very high pensions must make themselves calm on charges by an extra tax. In addition, the pension entry age should be raised.

Experts hope that these drastic changes will lead really to the fact that Italy gets to diminish respected state indebtedness his currently on a good 120 percent of the gross domestic products with lasting effect. Indeed, must be considered with this number that Italy showed a state indebtedness at the rate of more than 100 percent of the GDP already by entry in the EU.


Wolfgang Schäuble against Greek Haircut

German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) speaks during an interview which he gave to West German Allgemeine Zeitung on the last Friday, of the fact that meanwhile the finance plight of Greece could become dangerous for the whole euro-space. In his view it depends on the persuasive solution of this problem whether the international market again catches trust to the euro all together.
At the same time the federal Minister of Finance drew the attention to the fact that the German economy, in spite of all present problems, profits massively from the communal currency. Nevertheless, for the debt cut demanded by many experts, the so-called “Haircut”, for Greece Schäuble might not plead at the momentary time.

With it the Minister for Economic Affairs is in contrast to the economic manner Neither Tu Mauro who expressed himself quite clearly for the steady reduction of the state debts of Greece around a high percentage. He recommends that the EFSF (European rescue screen) offers to all Privatgläubigern to buy back the griechisichen state loans for the present market price which lies 50% under the nominal value of the loans. Then new, with guarantees of the eurocountries provided loans should be given. A such offer should be made at a later time also to the investors who own Portuguese and Irish state loans.

Wolfgang Schäuble also expressed himself against common state loans of the eurocountries. This would offer to states high in debt not the necessary incentive for savings by which they can realise a lower level of interest rates for her loans. To gain control of the European financial crisis, stricter rules should be implemented rather, also for rating agencies. These had contributed during the past weeks in particular by her negative assessment of Portugal massively to an increase the euro of crisis.


EnBW against fuel element tax

After E.on and RWE had already announced to lodge complaints against the alliance because of the elevation of the fuel element tax, now the EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has also resolved to go forward on judicial way against this law. With it the third-biggest energy provider has made clear also in Germany that he is not determined to accept the new financial charges which come up to the nuclear power stations pursued by him.

EnBW boss Hans-Peter Villis estimates that by the new tax additional issues will come up at the rate of about 440 million euros yearly to the group. He stressed that this money is required, actually, urgently for the other removal of the renewable energy. Really the enterprise after the introduction of the huge offshore wind strength arrangement Baltic I plans the establishment of an other big wind park; the investment sum of this project should amount to a total of one milliard euros.

EnBW is concerned especially hard by the fuel element tax because it is dependent in especially big magnitude on the nuclear energy. Thus the energy group before the closing of two nuclear reactors from before four nuclear energy arrangements covered scarcely half of the stream achieved all together.

In spite of submission of the complaint the energy group from Baden-Wurttemberg will have to transfer first the fuel element tax to the treasury by full height, because the objection against the relevant assessment notice does not lead to the suspension of the maturity of the taxes. The complaints of all three energy providers rest on certificate in which experts have found out that the alliance should not have been entitled as in the year before happen to remit the law of the fuel element tax. In addition, it was criticised that the law against valid federal right and European right offends.


Moodys complicates the renovation of the Portuguese economy

After the rating agency Moodys has lowered her assessment for Portugal in the middle of the last week unexpectedly, it hailed criticism of European politicians. Thus Oliver Rehn, currency commissioner of the EU, about his speaker allowed to announce that this downgrading should be used to question basically the behaviour and the forecast ability of rating agencies. To this statement which left much to be desired in clearness nothing the politician felt constrained before the background that development of Portugal was estimated by the EU commission up to now positively. Thus it was welcomed that the new government exerts itself put into action the savings programme of the country further quickly.

The rating agency Moodys had classified Portuguese state loans on the last Tuesday four steps worse than up to now, so that now the recommendation “unsuitably for an investment” is valid for these papers at junk level. With it the way of Portugal might have become longer and more difficult back to the capital market ability still a good piece. The judgment of the rating agency is based on the appraisal that Portugal could need new means after 2013 if the support loans firmly said up to this time are used at the rate of 78 milliard euros.

The big influence of the rating agency became immediately clear subsequently by the short fall of Portuguese banking shares which lost between five and seven percent to value. A little surprisingly it is in view of these developments that demands for a regulation of the activity of three big rating agencies, standard & Poor’s, Moodys and Fitch rating, were expressed once more. In particular the EU-commission president José Manuel Barroso and German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble require that measures are took by European side to limit the power of these rating agencies.