Parents stick for her children! Or, nevertheless, not?

The private liability insurance regulates the small difficulties and breakdowns which happen also and above all with children in the everyday life. However, there are exceptions which must be considered before the end of a liability insurance.

Up to the completion of the seventh year children are debt-incapable. This means in practice that they are not responsibly for her activities. After the seventh year a liability of the child is cancelled only if is evident that he has lacked the necessary examination.
To reach, on this occasion, for a concrete decision, this must be proved by the damaging child, or by his legal representative.

Especially in building site fences and on playgrounds one is often confronted with signs on which “parents stick for her children” is to be read. However, the tip is not right completely! If necessary the parents must stick with damages though really, however, this applies only if they have not paid attention in the necessary measure to her / e child / He, i.e. specifically if they have injured her supervision duty.

Not only parents can be pulled up for the liability. Also teachers, parents, foster parents, the nanny or the grandparents stick if they should supervise the child.

If, for example, a three-year-old boy who is with his mother together to guest with friends breaks a window pane with the play at an unattended moment, this damage is not taken over from the assurance.

This forms the basis of the injury of the supervision duty of present people who bear the responsibility for the action of the child.
The parents can be acquitted in the named case though of a compensation duty, because a three-year-old child still owns no ability to judge and concepts, how “care!” and “passport on!” yet cannot understand, indeed, such a case affects mostly negatively the assumption of costs of an assurance.

The age and also the circumstances are decisive for the insurance cover, therefore, in many cases. Every isolated case is checked individually and it is important for a policy holder of a family liability insurance to know his cover frame. Rather often it seems because that toddlers slide by this grid and in such cases many assurances offer an additional insurance cover by the so-called desirable liability.

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