Private Health Insurance

Up to the 1/1/2009 the liable to insurance could select from different contribution sentences for the legal health insurance schemes. Now with it is end. It is worth a flat rate. However, can be glad about nine million guarantors who have a private health insurance. They can select between the single suppliers and decide on the private health insurance which offers the best achievements for own living conditions.
Besides, it concerns a high-quality full assurance which covers a very big spectrum of the medical achievements. In contrast to the legal health insurance scheme, an individual contribution is raised with the private health insurance.

The height is calculated by different factors. The age, gender and the occupation of the future policy holder belong to it, for example. Also former and topical illnesses influence the contributions. In contrast to the insured persons of the legal health insurance the members of a private health insurance get many achievements refunded. For example, the glasses. While the health insurance schemes do not subsidise for a long time any more these visual facilities, the private health insurance pays subsidies. Also with a hospitalisation the Privat health insuranced are clearly in the advantage. Thus can be selected in the rate between a single room or twin-bedded room. Also with the treatment by the head of department an assumption of costs of 100% takes place. The private patients also do not need the practise fee of 10 euros pay. The private health insurance offers an other determining advantage.

According to contract are subsidised up to 80% of the costs for the set of dentures. This is also valid for expensive implants and inlays. Who gets a lot abroad on the way thanks to the private health insurance also there very good achievements if a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation is unavoidable. Also what concerns the private nursing assurance, it is coupled to the health insurance, offers a very good achievement spectrum. Who wants to be secured extensively and well, is right in the private health insurance.

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