Pros and Cons about the Riester pension

The question which arises in connection with the Riester pension repeatedly emerges is whether this is worthwhile since. This can probably answer almost flat. Riester pension is intended to keep as private supplementary pension in old age to an adequate standard of living. Since it is already here to discretionary acts and decisions concerning the private pension schemes are likely associated with the individual life always setting general recommendations are hardly leave.
The Riester pension is funded by the state. The amounts of direct support to fall but at least for individuals not particularly high, families with children here much longer. The financial statements of the contracts are also eligible for tax advantages.
Who wants to make his investment but so that the money is available at any time without drawbacks – possibly for other investments – should consider the conclusion of a Riester contract well. Which an exit is possible, but is associated with disadvantages. The tax breaks and government subsidies have to be repaid.
Anyone still interested in a contract can be found on the Internet enterica Riester pension benefit comparison offers local service provider or consult with appropriate offerings.
It is always advisable to check multiple sources and, as always, not to rely only on advertising.