Bank Accounts

Reduced fees at ATMs

It was only discussed long, and it took some time until one agreed on measures. From January 15, customers now must be informed about the accruing dues with every foreign-withdrawal. If the customer with these should not agree, he has the possibility to break off the process free of charge. This labeling should take place on the basis of a screen-dialogue. During the transition-phase, however, also a clearly visibly appropriate sticker should be sufficient on the vending machine. Until the summer, however, the dues should be obvious at all the vending machine by means of screen-dialogue. Now united a row of private-banks for itself beside the again introduced labeling-duty, for dues at foreign-vending machines, on introducing an uniform waiter-limit to dues, that become due, if one withdraws money at one vending machine of another bank. Like the bank-association told is valid from him January 15 at this round 10.000 automatic tellers of the private-banks a dues-waiter-border of 1,95 Euro. Dues in height of five became until now Euro and more due. For savings banks and cooperative-banks, no waiter-borders were established until now that here the dues are with 5 Euro.

Credits banks already previously agreements, that make the free Bargeldabheben possible at certain vending machines, among each other met these agreements still remain and the Geldabheben still free. Banks, that belong to the “CashGroup” or the “Cash pool”, are concerned at it, for example. The changes to the existing fee regulations took place because the Federal Cartel Office found fault that the fees were too high, and partly also apparent to the customer until after withdrawing money on his bank statement.