Saab before the bankruptcy?

A few time ago became known that the Swedish car manufacturer is not able any more to pay his employees. This was informed of the public by the present owner of the Scandinavian traditional enterprise, the Dutch sports-car producer Spyker coaches.

About 3,700 employees of Saab must appear not to receive already her June salaries any more as usual. In the Swedish Trollhättan announce let of the car group that one takes care though presently with negotiations of a solution of the finance problems which prospects of success would be rather uncertain, however.

This announcement showed a temporary climax in the history of the decline of the Swedish make of car big once: Already for some weeks no more cars are produced in the head office of the enterprise in west Swede. And in the first quarter in 2011 a total of only 10,000 carriages of the tape rolled. Also negotiations with about 800 ancillary enterprises of Saab about an extension of the accumulated debts achieved on the Wednesday evening no success. At the moment circulate even rumours that Saab would be immediately to make an insolvency application. However, the enterprise management did not want to comment on these surmises.

A rescue of Saab seems possible only with fresh capital. This could be inserted by two Chinese investors in the enterprise: The car manufacturer Zheijang Youngman Lotos as well as the autowholesaler Pang There have explained in not legally binding form (character of intent) already her intention to want to take part at the rate of a total of 245 million euros in Saab. Also efforts of the enterprise management to procure the urgently required liquid means by the sales of the Saab production plant at short notice have failed.

With it the future of Saab, one of the smallest car standard manufacturers remains in Europe uncertainly.