The budgetary assurance

The protection of a budgetary assurance encloses in general objects, you are in own four walls. Coming it count under other piece of furniture, pictures, carpets, curtains, mirrors to it etc., for example, to a pipe burst or a fire in the kitchen, the assurance can be extremely helpful. The respective regulations of the insurers are to be followed, because an insurance cover can be more or less extensive. In some cases there are beside the real insurance cover, for example, also special provisions for securities, money, objects of value, electronic devices or things with collector and art value.

What is insured?

Within the scope of a budgetary assurance the household effects are protected against various risks. Many assurances cover damages which have originated from the following events:

- Storm (storm assurance): Rockfall, snowy pressure, hail, landslide etc.
- Fire (fire insurance): Fire, explosion, bolt of lightning, plane crash etc.
- Theft, burglary (theft insurance, burglary assurance)
- Broken glass (glass assurance)
- Tap water (tap water assurance): resigning tap water, break, frost

Which events are insured in detail, is to be taken from the insurance offer of the respective insurer. Some things are included from From the outset, others must be insured, in addition.

In most cases a private liability insurance is also included in a budgetary assurance. Depending on the insurance terms this protects against the compensation demands which an injured third person can make or against the refusal of unwarranted claims.

Who is insured?

The policy holder, the lifelong companion or husband as well as relatives and children are insured, provided that these live in the same household. Also the objects are insured by guests if the accomodation of the things does not occur against a remuneration.

a comparison is worthwhile

Every assurance offers own cover package. The differences are substantial partly. Therefore, it can make sense to compare the different insurance offers with each other. Who would like to find out without obligations, budgetary assurance can compare and if desired also conclude on-line.