Direct Banks

The difference between Direct Banks and Branch Banks

Direct banks are quite normal bank institutes which have, nevertheless, mostly no developed branch net and offer, hence, her products with the help of representatives / mediators and on the Internet. Hence, without connected branches the direct banks save a lot of money, because the usually amusing staff is cancelled completely. Hence, direct banks are able to do her products like day money accounts and giro accounts, as well as loans by far more favourably offer, than customary banks.

Who would like to open a new account, goes surer with a comparison. On this occasion, many things play a role. Hence, some bank institutes offer attractive premiums or credits in addition to the account opening. Such premiums can be a drawing credit or a free credit card with which the possibility exists to remove worldwide cash. Other financial institutions offer a high credit payment of interest. The account holder thereby becomes faster liquid and the solvency is preserved. So that the application plate receives the account best of all fitted on him, he has the possibility to arrange a directly confrontation of the direct banks on the Internet of different suppliers. The results are often directed after the personal basis of the applicant and are considered beside favorable and attractive premiums also the solvency of the customer, his income and the informal circumstances.

A particularly optimised advantage is the direct distribution of direct banks. One can order nearly all offers, hence, on-line and saves so much time and also costs. For it the applicant fills before an on-line application and sends this to the suitable direct bank to identify then after a few days with the help of the ‚ÄěPostidentification procedure‚Äú. Then after a short time one opens absolutely free of charge the giro account. The management of a giro account of direct banks occurs exclusively on-line. Thus one is also not bound any more to the bank times.

Nevertheless, by the opening of an account at direct banks one must renounce almost always a personal consultation, because by the missing branch net the bank lacks suitable employees. But with acute problems a very well qualified customer service is available to the customer often for the problem solution. Nevertheless, this must be no disadvantage. Hence, bureaucratic seen direct banks are much more adaptable. And because a giro account is to be led without any problems and direct banks often offer free account processing and high premiums, a giro account turns out at direct banks real alternative compared with a customary giro account.

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