The illusion of safe investments

In times of eurocrisis and nearly daily the new finance announcements which do not contribute at all to the concern more and more people Try to put on her saved one certainly after a possibility.

However, is there a sure investment generally?
It is worth security in this case quite exact define.
If one defines security from that point of view that the invested value should be preserved very long, currencies are fine. Nevertheless, this seems dependent from the investment horizon.
On the other side one can define security also from that point of view that the state takes over guarantees, or banks take part in an insert protection fund.
Risks like currency depreciation are covered with this approach, however, not or hardly.

Besides there is of course to invest the possibility in participation in companies. Moreover can be opened on the Internet rather simply a depot about which shares can be traded.
But also the arrangement in precious metals, as for example gold takes pleasure to big popularity around a very long-term stability of value to reach.