The new boss of the IWF, Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde, the designate boss of the international monetary fund (IWF) gives up to many observers riddle. Thus, for example, the economist Paul De Grauwe expressed at the Belgian university of Leuven that is not clear as the successor of Dominique Strauss-Kahn judges economic key questions. Indeed, agree all experts that Mrs. Lagarde to herself has acquired an excellent international call up to now as an excellent diplomat.

The fact that she not always strikes, nevertheless, right note, the German public might get to know last year on own body. At that time Mrs. Lagarde Germany accused indirectly of growing with his exports with concurrent home growth weakness at the expenses of his neighbours. These statements arrived safely neither with the German politics nor with the press.

Lagarde is a studied lawyer and member of the French party alliance UMP. This lets a rather conservative setting, also to economic questions expect. For the economic competence speaks of Christine Lagarde that it was involved for years in the development and penetration of the positions of France within the scope of the G8 of alliance., Among the rest, she has exerted herself to reach a stabilisation of the international raw material prices and to put through a basic reform of the world currency system. Still is not to be seen really whether she practises massive criticism to the present bank regulation like Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Christine Lagarde apparently does not intend to let remove the chief economist of Olivier IWF Blanchard. This has become known in professional circles as an advocate of a very pragmatic course. Thus it can be speculated that his new French boss who disposes, by the way, of long-standing work experience in the free enterprise also inclines rather to practical solutions the upcoming problem.