University sex rates assurances

Equal rights were seldom so radical. From December, 2012 many rates are calculated in Germany gender-neutrally. For many men, but also for women, this can become expensive.

Up to now the rates were strictly calculated after the respective risk of a person. For the assurances men and women are different beings what has led up to now between man’s insurance policies and ladies’ insurance policies to considerable differences between prices. Thus women pay, for example, much lower sums than men for a life insurance. Since: Statistically seen women live longer. For the insurers is the risk that a woman passes away early, so more slightly. Consequently the premiums are lower. Differently it looks to the pension scheme. Here the men better stand there. By the lower life expectancy sinks equally the danger that the society about many years must pay away the suitable sums.

Which assurances become cheaper, which more expensive?

Though one has defended himself vehemently against it. However, it uses nothing. In future men and women receive rates to uniform conditions. Till the end of 2012 thousands of rates on a new calculation base are put. For the insurance mathematicians a difficult job. Already in 2011 there was a decision of the European Court of Justice because the unequal rates would mean an offence against the ban on discrimination. Therefore, nobody more should pay on account of the gender more. The other way round looked is called in future, however, also that now many assurances become more expensive.

Men must pay in particular for occupational disability assurances, private nursing complementary insurances, Rürup pension schemes as well as private pension schemes up to 40 percent more. Women pay above all in the risk life insurance as well as in the accident insurance and car insurance more. Then for men the amount sinks again for the risk life insurance and women save with the nursing insurance policies and the occupational disability assurance.