Vehicle assurances compare

In future a comparison of vehicle assurances can be particularly worthwhile. Since many vehicles are assigned from 2012 new vehicle-type classes. This affects the contributions to the full fully comprehensive insurance and part fully comprehensive insurance as well as the premiums for the liability insurance.

The age of the vehicle owner plays a role

Yearly all vehicles which are admitted in Germany become in new vehicle-type classes one or umgestuft. Besides, are considered the number of the damages (for example, glass damages) or thefts which were adjusted in the current year for the respective vehicle class. However, become future also the age of the vehicle owner (policy holder) and the latest vehicle user incorporated. This leads to the fact that possibly half of all vehicles become in a higher and about 40 percent in a lower vehicle-type class umgestuft. Also in the full fully comprehensive insurance and part fully comprehensive insurance there will be in future changes by the classification of the vehicle types.

If a vehicle is often served by older or younger drivers and, besides, it comes to a damage, the risk assessment and the contributions rise for the assurance. This is also dependent on the respective vehicle type.

With an insurance comparison save money

To find out which vehicle-type class falls on own vehicle, it is advisable to carry out an insurance comparison.

For the case that the vehicle was classified in a higher class vehicle owners like with other increases in contributions can make use, by the way, of a special right to cancel and discontinue the contract of insurance with a term of four weeks on receipt of the information. In this time it is possible to find a new, more favorable supplier. Thus some hundred euros lets save in vehicle insurance premiums in the year.