Viktoria committee-pension

A very good fund-tied life-insurance, the so-called committee-pension, has the Vicotria life-insurance in their offer. The insurance, that ERGO to the insurance-group belongs, this pension-insurance marketed with the hypo-club-bank together.

The insurance works after the so-called Umschichtungsmechanismus. That is that is either positioned into particular funds according to the development of the capital-market, or it with a classic capital investment remains. Three different variations in the selection suit the customer on that occasion. With the committee-pension global is performed by the contributions of the insured installation in global stock markets. With the second variation, one can invest the committee-pension of Eco into the best German lasting-ness-back and with the third and last variation, the committee-pension strategy is invested into a world-wide fund-basket.

During the entire contract-term of the insurance, a maximum at flexibility, that is an absolutely important request of the customer in the present day and age, has the customer. Anytime, the contribution can be changed and can be increased or is shortened. Additional deposits just as possibly as part-removal are for the insurance-taker or prepayments from the insurance. Also at the pension-beginning, it can be decided variably whether one would like to call on the performances sooner or later and whether one would like to have the saved capital in form of a monthly pension or as once-payment.

So, everyone can perform also the financial planning completely for his age for this time after his individual plannings. With the Victoria’s committee-pension, one is extremely flexible and independent anytime in any case and can save a magnificent sum for itself already with a low contribution for the age.