Why disability insurance is important to have

Thoughts of a possible occupational disability assurance often step only in the last second on because when it is (almost too late already.

Because it concerns a voluntary assurance, many working persons neglect the closure this. However, statistics show that it is essential, because every third worker and every fifth employee retires meanwhile early, i.e. still before the retirement age, on the basis of occupational disability, from the occupation.

Not only incoming working accidents are a reason for the end of an occupational disability assurance, also persistent illness which enters in most cases unpredictable, is a persuasive argument.

Not excluding staff with stronger, physical work such an assurance should take into consideration, also people with office activity can have a big use of it, because not seldom heavy back sufferings or orthopaedic illnesses which are work conditioned enter.

Topical figures prove that, indeed, the health illnesses, in comparison to working accidents, predominate.

If the case enters with which an occupational disability is given, about 27% of the gross income, with an acquisition inability about 40% would be paid by a legal social security.

If one has deposited, however, less than five years at the pension fund, no payments are to be expected. This means for many serious financial bottlenecks which it is a matter to avoid by an occupational disability assurance.

An occupational disability is given if is foreseeable that the employee will not be able on the basis of illnesses, working accidents, supra รค. minimum three years to practice the explained profession.

Also this applies if one has concluded a precaution plus assurance which already reaches after 6 months of loss of working hours.

At first sight the contributions seem relatively high, however, from this one should not be deterred in consideration of the risk and the entry of an occupational disability.

The contributions are graded and people with physically heavy work (e.g., bricklayer, electrician, etc.) pay higher contribution. Moreover, will also make a distinction between man and woman, because women do not have so intensive working contents often physically and pay, therefore, often lower contributions.

However, every insurance society has own risk group progressive rates and thus one should find out in particular cases always well and extensively.

If the case enters with which the occupational disability assurance must be used, the following action is advisable:

Documents with basic and comprehensive information about the occupational disability should be submitted. On this occasion, it is important to demonstrate the real activity in the occupation, as well as to inform of the topical income.

Also information about the prospective duration, as well as the magnitude and cause of the nursing need is to be given.

The other course of the suitable occupational disability, is cleared in particular cases and leads with suitable condition and positive notification to monthly payments.

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